1. 1.      Angklung

    Website Malaysia Malaysia Stating Angklung For Culture



Www.musicmall_asia.com sites mentioned in the angklung originated from Malaysia precisely located in the city of Johor. Angklung is a musical accompaniment braid horse art. Indonesia claims it makes people angry, but the Malaysian government has denied any claim to the instrument is typical of West Java. Reog Ponorogo

Reog Ponorogo

Beginning of this claim is at the website the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage Malaysia to set up a website address http://www.heritage.gov.my Reog Ponorogo image and call it a dance from the Dance Barongan Malaysia. Opposing comments also appear, until finally the Government of East Java Rego Ponorogo attempt to register to obtain patents worldwide.

3. Rasa Sayange

Pain scores Sayange song



In October 2007, Malaysia’s tourism ad titled “Malaysia, Truly Asia”, using folk songs. The lyrics consist of a mixture of English, Malay and Mandarin, but, if you listen further, there are lyrics of “compassion, love … hey”. Very similar to the song Rasa Sayange, Maluku folk songs handed down. Protests came from Indonesia. Especially on the Internet, that Malaysia “stole” the song Rasa Sayange to promote their tourism. Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor But, Minister of Tourism Malaysia when it stated, Rasa Sayang, their version of the song Rasa is Sayange-folk in the archipelago, and Indonesia could not claim to have the song. Meanwhile, according to Minister of Information Malaysia, YB Dato confirmed that there was no intention of Malaysia to claim the song as belonging to Malaysia.

4. Tari Pendet

Pendet the Malaysia Tourism Ads



Typical dance from the island are also not spared from the claims of the neighbor country. It was known as a tourism ad ‘Visit Malaysia’ featuring footage that Pendet. Even so, the Malaysian government argued that they did not make a claim and that occurs solely a mere misunderstanding.

5. Batik

Batik has been designated as World Heritage by UNESCO Indonesia



At the beginning of Claims case is the case, Batik is one of the first in the claims by Malaysia as the country’s cultural heritage. Recognition of the restless craftsman could make batik and also reap the wrath of the people of Indonesia. Even in the final match AFF cup then, had noisy information melaluiBroadcast Message to wear batik as Indonesia play against Malaysia. Claims for batik was eventually won by Indonesia with the enactment of batik as an Indonesian cultural heritage by UNESCO on October 2, 2009. There are several other cultures also have diklain by Malaysia. Especially for Dance, Tor Tor user community Social Media in Indonesia together make up the movement through the hashtag # TortorpunyaIndonesia and plans to make it as a Trending Topic Worldwide for the world community to know that Tor Tor dance belongs to Indonesia.



I think what the country malaysia is an act that should never exist, because the country itself admit even country malaysia and Indonesia is one country and one family of the Malay race.

but why it happened malaysia country’s claim or claims the country when everyone knows that the angklung, calf dance, dance ponorogo and batik are the result of the culture of Indonesia.

  • one example of the most preposterous claims as a result malaysia culture is batik.

Batik is a reflection of Indonesia, is seen by many citizens of Indonesia that if there is an event must have a lot in it that using batik or a stopover for tourists who never gain the place of origin pekalongan knows that batik was born in Indonesia is not in malaysia.



Terlalu, Biaya Daftar Ulang Siswa Tak Bisa Dicicil

Too, No Fee Student Birthday List can be repaid – Latest News, Next month, in July 2011 had entered the New School Year (TAB) 2011-2012. Almost all schools conduct the re-registration for students siswinya. Re-enrollment in each school is different policies. There are schools that hold a charge fees, some schools that do not make charges in the implementation of the re-registration.

  As in Bangkalan, re-list the class XI and XII students (grades 2 and 3) Senior High School in Bangkalan felt by the parents was ‘throttled’ neck of the parents, especially from a down economy. These parents have to pay Rp 1 million more in cash, should not be repaid.

Re-registration of students at SMAN 2 Bangkalan, amounting to Rp 1.06 million, deemed burdensome parents. “Where do I pay my child’s birthday list a million. To eat everyday I have to get the passengers, “said a pedicab driver on the road Halim Perdanakusuma Bangkalan city, Thursday (06/30/2011) night.

What can make, for the sake of school children, he should sell his house furniture items that can be sold to meet his son’s school fees. “Money can not be re-list it in installments. My child’s school by selling goods – items at home, “he said.

According to the parents, it should re-registration fee if not free, should be repaid. “If in installments every month or how many times, it can lighten our load a little guy,” said the parents of his business as a seller of coffee and snacks.


I think the school should be working with government to reduce costs that much for the high school.

The school should be able to offset the cost to be borne by the parents, especially public schools should get help from the government because it is usually not all students who enter public school was a man capable of even more people who otherwise disadvantaged schools in the public schools it really makes one feel sorry when concerned because the cost that much.

please help the government could help disadvantaged students so that they can reclaim continue their education and reach its goals, namely the nation of Indonesia.

Tahun Depan, Pancasila Jadi Pelajaran Sekolah

Next year, Pancasila So School Lessons – The Latest News, Pancasila which has been the bedrock of country Indonesia is increasingly forgotten. Therefore, to realize a return Pancasila ideology which can be followed by all the nations of Indonesia, National Education Minister, Muhammad Nuh said that Pancasila will re-enter the educational curriculum from next year. Thus, Pancasila will be starting school from elementary school through college. Even so, Noah says that the name for their subject that can not be determined. However, it is certain there will explicitly Pancasila. “I’ve created a team to conduct a study about it,” said Noah.

Since he entered the United Indonesia Cabinet II, Noah actually been asked by the president to be concerned about education in Indonesia is not merely cognitive, but also in it termaduk personality education and civilization. “Therefore, we have reviewed the curriculum and has prepared educational emphasis on character education,” adds Noah.

Character education is conducted with the aim of preventing disintregasi nation, acts of violence on behalf of certain groups and religions. All that can be realized if the success of character education to develop a sense of love and pride of Indonesia. Noah went on, the loss of the nation’s understanding of ideology, Pancasila, the students of this country due to the logical consequences of changes in curriculum and national education system that took place since 2003. At that time, inclusion in the Pancasila ideology Pancasila and the subjects of Education Citizenship Citizenship Education be replaced with.

Since then, he said, practically no longer lived Pancasila started by students, because it did not directly taught in schools and other educational institutions. “Therefore, it is necessary reaktulasisasi and revitalizing the values of Pancasila. Pancasila education for our community will also stimulate more. Only, the format is not like P4 a very dogmatic and doctrinal, but rather the dialectic. Because after all, there must be adaptation to the translation of nationalism in the life of globalism, “he said.


I agree with what the government will do to make Pancasila as a subject.

because once it’s sad when children are the nation’s future generations do not understand the true meaning of Pancasila Indonesia for the nation.

we as the future generation should be more to interpret the meaning of Pancasila.

because Pancasila was the one who has united us all as citizens of Indonesia.

and we as the younger generation have a better understanding of the meaning of Pancasila should not be misconstrued later will adversely impact the country such as corruption.

Pancasila is one feature of Indonesia country so we should be proud of Pancasila.

Household Waste Processing

With the advancement of biotechnology, as now, would not be too difficult for us to seek their own household waste, with better and more productive.


Maybe if you work in the field of fisheries, agriculture, livestock, or farm, you are not familiar with a waste treatment technology that uses the service microorganism-microorganism decomposers, especially related to ammonia, nitrite, H2S, and the like.


The simplest and most obvious example of the mechanism of this decomposition is a complete ecosystem in the aquarium. In high school biology classes to date have described briefly on this subject, however, perhaps there is less attention to the topic.


In general and brief, the chain in the aquarium can be described like this: the fish (or other individuals like) to produce their metabolic waste in the form of dirt, and food remains, or mucous membranes are peeled off, which will be described by decomposing microorganisms be tasked with handling of ammonia (NH3). By bacteria are discussed in ammonia to nitrite (NO2), which in turn will be described by other bacteria into nitrate (NO3). Until here, the nitrate can be utilized by organisms already in the form of plants, including endangered species of lichens (algae), in addition to the types of larger plants. This is how the balance of the ecosystem in the aquarium can survive, the stability of the water quality maintained, and the lives of the individuals in it can run well.


In this example we can see clearly the prevalence of microorganisms (which we can not see with the naked eye) in maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. This fact also applies to the balance of the ecosystem in other environments, such as our yard, or septic tank.


Often we pay less attention to what we have or we scatter entered into important places that are considered dirty. We forget that the place of ‘dirty’ is precisely that keep our environment to be ‘clean’.


Often without us knowing we have a habit that it can disrupt the ecological balance, for example: put laundry soap (detergent) or carbolic fragrance into the toilet bowl, discard the rest of the soap, gasoline, or anything that is toxic and can kill all mikrorganisma ( including favorable) to the land of our yard, and so on. All of these actions, especially when it’s routine, would disrupt the environmental balance, and in turn will lead to serious disturbances on our environment.


How do I fix this?

Thankfully, today has been around a few products in the country (and of course some are imported), which is aimed at overcoming this problem. These products are usually sold in powder form (hanpir such as manure), some are packaged in a box. There are also several products for the aquarium in liquid form. Its use is quite economical, and the price is not meguras bag, it only costs you to buy fertilizer for crops. One example (which I used) is a product called ‘Bio Star Plus’, one hundred percent of the production of the nation. Thus the septic tank will be more awake, keep your garden lush (or even ‘be’ fertile), and who knows you could sell compost?


I think treating household waste is one good alternative to reduce the waste bin. household waste is the largest of waste generated by households in which waste is non-organic waste where the waste is unable or longer to diuraikannya such as for example plastic waste. plastic waste is a waste of the longest process is the description for this plastic waste apat used some creative housewives into useful items such as purses, umbrellas, shopping bags, etc.

would come to learn batik solo

Batik is an Indonesian native product which has been recognized as world heritage. Batik has many shades and varieties. But in Indonesia, especially in Java, Batik Batik is divided into coastal and Inland Batik. Bati \ k pesisiran pantura growing in the region, such as: Lasem, Pekalongan and Cirebon, while developing in the interior Batik Solo and Yogyakarta


I think the city deserves a solo to be a place to learn to make batik because the solo is a city of many cultures imana hitherto known sodium absorption ratio in the country and even overseas just too much to mngacungkan thumb for a single city ini.banyak tourists from abroad on holiday or brkunjung to Indonesia only to learn and recognize its diverse culture. examples to learn batik many foreign tourists who are interested to learn how to batik so to Indonesian citizens not to be outdone by foreign people who are more interested to learn batik




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